Friday, March 6, 2009

sorry I forgot about this.

so I have been out and about
and stuck in the purse forum.
but unfortunately ... I got banned
because of a friends fault. she
didn't tell me she had already been banned :(

so .. this is my quest.
Hermes Birkin 40cm Blue Jean croc PH it's to die for

ahhh, but! ever since my last post I did buy an
Hermes Birkin 40cm Black Togo GH.

so if anyone has tpf and would do me the favour of contacting
one of the mods please send them this :(

Hello, my name is Oskar, and I have had a tpf account for 3 months.
my username is oskarsobsession.
A friend who also has an account asked to use my lap top to log in, and I said
ok. She didn't tell me she had been banned before, until now, because when I logged
in I got this message (You have been banned for the following reason:
previously banned member Date the ban will be lifted: Never
) and told her
I got it, and she told me she had been previously banned and opened another account.
And I don't want to open another account, I would just like my account unbanned
because it wasn't my fault and I didn't know she had been banned before.

I hope this helps, I really love tpf, and helps me alot to learn.


please feel free to email me if there is a resolution or have questions.

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