Thursday, March 31, 2011

hmm are we there yet?

Sometimes we must make sacrifices to get where we want to go
Sometimes things come in easily and Sometimes they don't
I think that as long as we keep in mind exactly what we want to do
where we want to go, we will do whatever it takes to get there.

so April plans,
drop out of school for a year or so
move out
try to find a 2nd job
and enjoy the hell out of my life

hopefully i could find something with a view like this

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Evolution

So it all begins here, Blackberry 8700, As a young 16 year old being seduced by popular demand and celebrities I had to have a blackberry
and I definitely fell in love, after being robbed a very special someone surprised with what would be the first and evolution with a pearl instead of a sidetrack, Blackberry 8800
a year after or so, after a small incident with the phone I had to upgrade, again an evolution Blackberry 8330 with a 2.0 camera
Now in Mexico, i just had to upgrade because it was a new me, so I fell in love with the Blackberry 8900 great camera great handle and surprisingly light
and after careful consideration I went ahead and upgraded again to a much better Blackberry 9520

Which I currently Im in love with

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

La Pasta e Le Pesce

Ok so this is how it goes
400 grams of tomato puree
half a kilo of pre cooked shrimp (I was way too hungry to buy fresh and peal it)
2 fresh tomatos (I only used 1) and some fresh parsley
About 50 grams of butter
1 large onion (only used half) and 3 large garlics
A good Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
You're going to need to de-seed the tomatos
about 400 grams of spaghetti (barrela #5)
Chop & Mince finely your veggies
On a hot skilled add about 30 grams of butter
And dump in the shrimp (to give some flavour because it is precooked, I also added a splash of our wine and 5 thai peppers)
After that I removed everything from the pan and let it cool, I added the rest of the butter
and the thai peppers
and then, the rest of our ingredients
after simmering for abouot 5 minutes I added the shrimp
and 1 box of tomato puree
seasoned to taste
Added the pasta
Et, VOILA la pasta e le pesce

I'm back .. I think

Long time no see,, so I figured that I will once more try this,
yes it will not be the same because things have changed severely, BUT
I will update it with whatever is on my mind, for my own sanity