Monday, August 24, 2009

a sight of relief,

with that worked out,
and a brighter future ahead

firstly, Happpy 1.5 years to me&my conjoint twin
im sure its in a few days, but im in a vegetated state
and lost track of dates,

this few post might be pictureless since i am
not on my macbook, but hopefully soon
i shall be back and rening

thanks to tom & pearl for their advise,
its always nice to have someone cheer for you
from the other side of the globe.

my mexico fashion report, follows:

ive only been in the outskirts so i dont know much
but already seen

fake louboutin,
tons of fake dolce & gabbana
fake ck
fake crocodile (lacoste)
for some reason fake adidas messenger bags are hott here

back to authentic

i saw a cop with gucci sunglasses lol
i saw zara store in mexico city and it looks
amazing, ive yet to walk in

on other news
they sell tortillas at wal-mart
and died when i saw a designer sunglasses/eyeglasses
shop at the bodega (mexicos version of wal-mart)


  1. HAPPPPY ANNIVERSARY. ITS IN 3 DAYS. Anyways I'm glad to see your doing well. Keep me updated and let me know if you neeeeeed anything.,