Thursday, November 12, 2009

Journey Across Presidente Mazaryk

I don't know who this President Mazaryk is,
but .... to have the most luxurious street named
after you can only feel like heaven.

just as I thought I was lost, I looked up and an LV star guided me and ended up right in
front of Louis Vuitton.

after 20 minutes of parking hunting, I found a garage that charged $14MXN an hour,
which trust me, its a parking bargain, for brakefast I paid $35MXN for 47 minutes.
Nothing makes my heart beat like the splash of orange of this gray store. Hermes,
as I am looking around for a gift for my mother, I decided that maybe she
deserved a christmas full of orange, and she fell in love with a Vert Anis 35cm Birkin
in Epsom, wanna guess the price? $126,560 MXN doesn't that just sound outrageous?!
I'm having bit of a trouble adjusting to more numbers, I mean $10,000USD just sounds
much cheaper.

and of course luxury cannot be spelled without Chanel, alongside of Tiffany & Co,
Marc Jacobs, Zegna, Chopard & much more

and across the street Burberry, next to Brioni, Cartier, and alot of really
nice restaurants.

The moral of the day is, that although in Mexico I am very much out of my element, and my
ambiance, at least theres once street, that will be waiting for me where I can feel like home.


  1. it's not Mazaryk but Masaryk...first Czechovakian president 1918