Tuesday, January 12, 2010

fashion or need of attention?

Lady GaGa, who has done nothing but scream for attention
with her outrageous outfits. Sure we all enjoy spotting thing here
and there. but when she wears the whole McQueen collection in just one video?
or her hilarious outfits. Is she being fashion forward or just asking
for attention because without the outfits she wouldn't have made it as
a singer. Whatever happened to having a voice and a style being less important.

and back to the voice being more important htan fashion, seems like rihanna doesnt have either.
when I saw her singing live at the MTV awards disturbia.
my jaw dropped to the floor, to the fact that, that was the most
scariest voice I have ever heard, from a "singer"
why wear couture to a music video that has nothing to do with it.
because theyre not creative enough to make a good video
without the unintended. I mean look at Shakira and she-wolf.
was there couture? no, does she try too hard? no. can she sing? yes.

so what do you think? do this "singer" have fashion?
or are the just screaming for attention?


  1. Style is crucial for a musician because it is important that they leave a mark on society. Everyone and I mean everyone makes fashion mistakes..dont judge someone on one outfit

  2. That kermit outfit is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!