Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kids now a Days.

what is there to expect from 8-10 year olds now a days.
after saving for a few months. and after waiting for a LONG
week, my phone came in the mail 3 days ago. I was so excited
the best phone ever Nokia e63 in Black.

I was enhancing the patina on my Azur Keepall.
and I am in the hunt for a job. So I left all my stuff
on my bed including my phone and jumped in the shower.
I came out, and the phone was gone. Some kids came in the house.
and took the phone. Only 2 days of having the phone.

After I went to talk to their parents, they denied it through their teeth.
Besides the kid that I know took it, is dirt poor. Has 5 siblings and a widowed mother.
How can I expect $1 pesos to come out of their pocket for a $5,000 MXN phone?

What a fucking heart kids now a days have.

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