Thursday, December 3, 2009

Have you got your christmas list ready?

Dear Santa,

I know, I know, I haven't behaved well, but it wasn't all my fault.
plus I hope you've been able to catch up with all of my 23 change of
addresses, and, well I know times are tough with the whole crisis
and being broke but here's what I need.

My conjoint twin
Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Treillis (Almost Impossible)

Louis Vuitton Tapage Key Ring (:))

Hermes 40cm HAC Gold/Toile PHW

Emporio Armani Watch

D&G Watch


Hermes CDC

Hermes Kelly Double Tour

Gucci Leather Tote


Maybe a new car.

Louis Vuitton Davis Tote

well, I'm running out of ideas here, so think of some Santa.