Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Voce tem que sofrer, para aprender

as the brazilians say, you must suffer to learn.

but I just think it is unfair. Sometimes, we learn
from our mistakes, and others, well we just continue in the same
path, because we learnt nothing.

Quando voce sai da casa, muitas vezes voce
tambem sai da vida dos pais.

When you leave home, alot of times
you also leave your parents.

I know that people tend to think because you have the picture perfect
house, bags, lifestyle that your life is indeed perfect.
but what they don't see is that most of the time you have sacrifice
one thing for the other. I cannot remember the last time
I had family quality time, because being alone with my parents
can turn into a war zone rather than a lovely time.
and with that I found shopping and traveling more enjoyable
than being at home.

e a saudade? cade ela?

you miss it? what do you miss?

when things aren't too good, you turn to the other side,
and if there were good times, they are buried deep under
the bad times.

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