Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oskar's Cook Book #2 (Full Preparation)

So the first time I made it was WAYY to excited to stop and take pics.
you will need 2-3 green onions

as well as about 2 inch stalk of ginger, (since it's a root its flavour is very strong and very good)
like I said I previously tried this recipe with orange jam, but not good.
this time it calls for NATURAL orange juice, 2 table spoons of brown sugar
1-1.5 table spoons of cornstarch and salt.
for those of us who live in Mexico cornstarch is also known as Maizena.
for that spice flavour I used 3 thai chili peppers
with seeds.
the combination for the breading is, Flour, Eggs with garlic salt, and cornstarch
I used turkey, because the chicken looked ugly at the supermarket
and don't be scared to get dirty because breading is gross and I hate it
after the breading comes the frying and being burnt with hot oil, but the chicken/turkey comes out beautiful
once your chickens ready on a pan you want to heat up oil with a bit of Vodka and when its hot
you add the green onions the peppers and the ginger
5-10 minutes later (until the peppers smell spicy XD) you will add the orange juice/sugar/garlic salt combination
you will need to let the mix come to a boil
and it will get a thicker consistency
and thats when you add your chicken mix it around and there you go.

** I made rice and it came out really good

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