Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Prefect Patina

In my many attempts to accelerate the patina process I have found the best.

I have tried Olive oil, but it turned Redder

as to Vegetable oil, if it's a bag you use daily then no problem
but as for my keepall, it grew mold.

Baby Whipes & Saddle soap work great, and they keep your Vach clean.

BUT! I found the best solution which is funny because it is also one thing
most of us are scared of ... water.

With a damped cloth I went throughout the whole vach, let it sit for a minute
and I used a blow dryer to dry out the moisture and it did an amazing job.

the best I have seen.

Sorry there's no before and after pictures, I just get too anxious to try it out.
but if you do don't forget to mail me some pics :)

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