Tuesday, March 22, 2011

La Pasta e Le Pesce

Ok so this is how it goes
400 grams of tomato puree
half a kilo of pre cooked shrimp (I was way too hungry to buy fresh and peal it)
2 fresh tomatos (I only used 1) and some fresh parsley
About 50 grams of butter
1 large onion (only used half) and 3 large garlics
A good Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
You're going to need to de-seed the tomatos
about 400 grams of spaghetti (barrela #5)
Chop & Mince finely your veggies
On a hot skilled add about 30 grams of butter
And dump in the shrimp (to give some flavour because it is precooked, I also added a splash of our wine and 5 thai peppers)
After that I removed everything from the pan and let it cool, I added the rest of the butter
and the thai peppers
and then, the rest of our ingredients
after simmering for abouot 5 minutes I added the shrimp
and 1 box of tomato puree
seasoned to taste
Added the pasta
Et, VOILA la pasta e le pesce

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