Saturday, May 16, 2009

A new Beginning

Every time I begin to work on this I become busy
and now that I should be free hopefully I will
once become free and start making some money
Because I am not liking the numbers in my account.

So, here's my view of Las Vegas.
I know that we mostly have tourist and that
You can never expect tourist to have any fashion sence
But all we get are this bunch of dorks
with your typical sandals and socks short hat funny shirt
and a fanny pack.

I do not expect to see Miroslava Duma or Victoria Beckham walking
down the strip. BUT COME ON!!

... what came to mind is maybe .. its just too bloody hot
for people to dress up? I mean I only wear polo and jeans
and by all means not the best look, but hey at least I try
to pull it off in 100 degree weather. But all I see is
nasty shorts and sandals on people with bad toe nails
and flab coming out of their oh so tight shirts.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!! The last time I went I only saw girls in really bad fitting shorts! No eyecandy, I didn't even see people carrying drool worthy bags.. Thanks for stopping by my blog BTW!=)