Friday, March 12, 2010

... to be or not to be -

- a homosexual said the uganda people.

it is jaw dropping watching this video.

I was absolutely opposed to the though of gay marriage.
yes, yes I am but, thats what I believed was wrong.

after watching an episode of Kathy Griffin on homosexual marriage
and then learned that its not just the tittle and its not just a piece of paper
that says that two homosexual love each other, but its just on the best

You need to be that someone to say or do for your partner when he or she no
longer can. because a lover will make a better decision than your family.
Because you need that insurance that your lover can't get.
Because you need a re-assuring that when you split, that the goods
will be split in 2 and you wont be left on the street because you don't have say

theres much more that I didn't think then, but now, yes I would say yes
because I too need the benefit to everything so that my partner has my benefit.

the situation in Uganda is a little insane and this man just doesn't realize what he is doing.
the video is ridiculous and makes no sence, he showed the worst, and its not being done daily
and is not part of a sexual routine of a homosexual as I assure that as well straight people
have weird sex lifes and weird things in sexy come one! even a woman pleasuring her self
with vegetables or fruits is disturbing to most, but is it normal to the ugandan people?

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