Monday, June 22, 2009

51 Things to Buy Before You Die #47

Well from now and then, since
not all of us have a $1.5 Million Dollar Diamond Ring
we must make the best of it.

47th Item to own before you die.

since we all need something to have people
drooling we all need a ring!

Gucci Horsebit Ring in 18K Gold $2,190

Chanel Flower Ring Available at Bag Borrow or Steal for $98 a week.

David Yurman Diamon Pave Ring $3,950

Personally I prefer Emporio Armani Jewelry 


  1. The Gucci ring is pretty reasonable....

    LOl @ choosin a new bf from d list, but then again ur right, i dnt mind havin Sean O Pry in my

  2. I want that Gucci ring! very architectural looking!

  3. Hi oskar, I don't know if you do tags but I tagged you!! Hope you can answer them =)