Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just like the old times.

Remember when people back in the years 200b.c. when they used
to have to sell and & trade goods.

well I did a trade :D

I was talking to a friend of mine from Korea
and she told me how much she had been looking
for a 40cm Black GH Birkin, so I said
hey! I have one.

so after she gasped, she said hmm would you concider selling?
I said no, so she said well My bf just got a 40cm Blue de Prusse PH Birkin
and I dont like it how about a trade?

I said I'll call you back..

....I guess you're just going to find out what will happen.
meanwhile here are some photos of the colour


  1. What a fantastic trade! The blue definitely beats black :)

  2. Ooo very nice! Nothing like a good ol trade every now nd then huh!!