Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Growing, Growing and Growing!

The other days while going through my clothes
I noticed a pair of shorts that said US Small
European Medium, then my heart dropped to my
stomach which made feel even fater BUT!
thats not where my point is going.

As I was sitting in starbucks I looked out
the window and saw this.

There are 4 people in this picture, trust me it hasn't a BIG people
convention, there is this cheap tickets booth out side
of the starbucks and tourist come about to get cheap deals.

So, it only makes you think...? Where is America going?
... can you picture one of this people in France? how they will
be looked at ... its a terrible sight, but it seems as the runways
have stricter sizes on how skinny a model can be, why can't America
have strict size on how fat you can be .. it should be illegal to be more than 50lbs
over weight and capital punishment for over 100 lbs. I'm not saying starve
your self, simply look at your self, don't people make fun of you?
LOSE THE WEIGHT! eat good, 


  1. She looks horrible but then again what do you expect with a Mc'donald on every corner

  2. My flatmate and I were talking about this the other day and how there should be a weight ban for Maccas or something. I can imagine the states would be terrible, Brisbanes good and not too many chunkies around... NZ's a lot worse! I find where its colder the fat people tend to flock to

  3. Farbod- yes, you are absolutely right, they're getting rich from making people fat, :(

    BVR- I actually live in the desert, so you'd imagine that the fat would melt away, but no its just grows bigger hahaha, and yes I can
    imagine the cold would be a great place since they would be very well
    ... warm :D haha

  4. Oskar, Uncle Karl would not like these=P