Friday, June 19, 2009

Mulberry Sales! ...

And my list is HUGE!!!!

For starters
Taylor Tote $229

its just so simple, small logo, and a great price! I'm growing onto Mulberry don't blame me.

Calder $499

beautiful leather, very practical for everyday but not a huge fan of brown.

Zip Around Folio $299

This is where my lap top will be, so nevermind the LV lap top sleeve, or poche document.
This little zipper thing I LOVE IT!

Merino $89 (Pale Blue)

the price is PERFECT, the shade of blue I love, and I'm in need of fun scarves since
I will be moving to a 4-season place instead of this desertic hell.

Bangle $149

simple, black and silver, yet so piercing with those screws, and the design.

So, How great is this 5 items for $1265!
I sooo need to go kidnap some babies and sell their organs!... just kidding.


  1. God i want all d bagsssssssssss i heart bagssssssssssss, lol haha

    thanx with the info on my bag crave list.

  2. i heard Elux was closing down tho, if u'd notice the site never restocked and is gradually sellin everything off.