Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And my Vacation is now Over.

So ... Friday at 7:00 am I left las vegas to Los Angeles, CA

but before I talk about my vacation I must speak about this person.
He thought he was Kanye Him self wondering about
with his shitty crapon (get it Louis Vuitton) bag

Moving right along. So we arrived at our hotel Luxe on Sunset Blvd.
Then we decided to go out for breakfast we walked around
and found this sweet little cafe place

OMG it was amazing and they have the best Smoked Salmon Sandwiches so I
had it 3 times

later on went out to eat Persian food, :)

Saturday we then went to the LA ZOO :D
which was alot of fun I havent been to a zoo in a real long time

and as you can see the goat is really happy
I told her a joke :P

After the Zoo went out for Sushi and saw The Hangover
which was rather funny ..

Sunday we went to Rodeo drive .... and received an insulting compliment
like those who say oh! did you get a boob job? ... No! I'm just getting fat (maybe not so funny)

But I was at Ralph Lauren looking the their version of the Hermes Hac (RL Cupper) and I have my birkin. So the guy at Ralph Lauren say "I like your bag" I said thanks he says "What is it Prada?" .... after I picked up my jaw from the floor, I said
no its Hermes, and he says "Of course, Hermeeees"

and at the end of the day KATZUYA! sushi in brentwood.


  1. Looks like you had loads of fun, and what a tool mistaking your bag like that! Those salmon sandwiches are making me hungry nd it's not even 10 yet... not good :)

  2. Thanks for your comment..=) Ooohh I super love Salmon but I prefer it plain though not smoked..=) Sounds like a fun getaway!! lovin' your patina!