Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birkin vs. Ricky

Who would you rather?

as I was at Ralph Lauren Flagship store in Beverly Hills
looking their version of the Hermes HAC/Birkin the
Ralph Lauren Cooper/RIcky the sales associated 
complimented my bag... he said I like your bag is it
Prada? (we're speaking of my ex Birkin) I said no its Hermes
and he says of course Hermeeees.

Looking back at that brings me to this point.

who would you rather

Ralph Lauren Ricky $16,995

sure its crocodile obviously not as exclusive of a skin as Hermes crocodiles.

now here's what bothers me of the Ricky bag. Coincidentally it is also inspired by the cooper
bag which was used to carry saddle? if I recall it was first the Haut au Couriers then became a Birkin thanks to Jane Birkin.


Hermes Birkin $6,955

not only is it $10,000 cheaper but it is the world known, iconic, and fashion symbol Birkin.
sure it is preloved but in Gold colour with Gold hardware on Courchevel Leather still saves you money, and makes you look better. obviously you know who I'm rulling for :D

Who would you rather?

Photo Via ebay seller: bagteria.


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  2. I'll take the Ricky please!


  3. I'll Take d Ricky too pls pls pls....haha

  4. Well...the Birkin is fashion legend now, but I like the idea of the Ricky's saddle beginnings. I am going to have to go with the Birkin...legend precedes price.

  5. I like them both. I'd prefer Ricky in black without croc over a standard birkin.

    Hac 40 would be perfect though.