Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ode to Tate

Tate is one of the greatest homes of art in the UK. But it was also one of the newest pieces of Louis Vuitton, Tate Damier and Tate Monogram. 

Since Tate has a specific registration in Class 18 in the United Kingdom. Louis Vuitton has been obligated to change the name to Thames after the Thames River, so now when you go buy a tate don't for get to now ask for a Thames PM/GM


  1. Could this possibly be the reason why they changed Damier Graphite Renzo to Daniel? That Renzo Piano didn't like his name associated to the brand or something? :-)

  2. that didn't even pass through my head, but thats true the changed
    it from the Renzo to Daniel, I simply thought it was because
    they came up with Daniel GM (Renzo) and Daniel MM. Is it that people don't like to be associated with LV anymore? well if they are running out of ideas I wouldn't mind the Oskar bag :D

  3. Actually there was one bag named Thomas in the Graphite line. And that's my name, plus I am an architect (not practicing though) so it makes sense, but I find the design of the bag lackluster. It reminds me of Pochette Bosphore, so I didn't bother.

  4. hahaha, I see, im actually not a big fan of the graphite line, although I have the LE graphite briefcase, and key holder and thinking of getting a keepall. but yeah :D. My bf is going to college for architecture as well, economy in america isn't too well so we're looking for a new country to make it.