Thursday, July 16, 2009

The look #1

While Blog hunting, and looking around
I have come across a blog.
I must admit that it is in my must look at everyday line of blogs.
and while browsing today I found this photo.
and it is drool worthy.
starting with the blazer, to the shoes and the Bal weekender.
which I become more desperate everyday since they can't seem to find
my Argent or Greige :( I might have to take the Charcoal Gray thats available.


  1. My bag is a new color for Fall '09 called Galet. It is between Greige and Argent. Perhaps it would work for you?

  2. I saw Galet, but they only had a city and the new Postal bag in those colours

  3. oh my, a new blog I must check out...he looks amazing!